15 Feb

So I made a bit of an ass of myself last night. That’s alright – that’s okay – we’re all entitled to bring out our inner Britney every once in awhile, right?

So, to quote Scarlet – “tomorrow is another day”

I’m determined to have a good day today. I’ve got some leftover Chinese food in the fridge, and a morning where Babygirl doesn’t have to go to preschool, so we’re going to have our “girlie” morning – we take a bath together and maybe we’ll paint our toenails. She wants to play with the Barbie iDesign she got…it’s going to her head I tell ya. This morning we were heading to bring Toad to school and she says:

“Mommy – that top doesn’t match those pants.”

She’s. THREE.

Apparently I’ve got a little fashion diva in my midst, even though her mother is horrible at fashion. Well, okay, I can dress OTHER people, just not myself. I can seriously take any of my friends, or my kids, into the store and have them come out looking like a million bucks for under $20, but myself? Forget it. I watch some of those fashion shows hoping to get tips, and I stink at them.

In other news: I stumbled upon a few sites yesterday. One, Curvaceous Dee, is written by a woman who is extremely comfortable with her sexuality even though she’s not stick-thin like the media says she should be. She eagerly puts up half-naked photos of herself and people love them. I want to be like her – I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and not sit around wondering how I can drop 50 lbs. Actually, I’d be happy with 30 lbs. The point is that I want to know her secret. I truly do.


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