We’re back

17 Feb

Took a bit over 7 hours, when you add in the potty breaks, the puke breaks, and the time it took to get the puppies.

And it wasn’t a two-legged beast puking, it was a few four legged ones. Apparently puppies don’t travel well. We then discovered that the duo has worms. They HAD been de-wormed, but apparently it takes more than one dose, so we bought some and dosed them as soon as we got home.

And our dog, Duke? Less than enthusiastic. He was not, NOT happy. He is currently recouperating on the couch and thanking his doggie-heavens that the puppies are not allowed on the couch.

The cats? EXTREMELY pissed. For once they aren’t fighting because they’re united against a common goal – hatred of the puppies!

The kids? Very happy. Toad isn’t too happy with the names chosen (Takaani and Kamik won), but they have both been having fun running around in circles with the puppies.

The puppies? They seem okay! They ate and then puked THAT up, but I’m betting its because they had such a long day. I’ll feed them half as much in the morning to make sure that their tummies settle. They have, however, peed inside as many times as they’ve peed outside, but it’s only been about three hours, so I guess I should cut them some slack LOL. Fortunately the newness hasn’t worn off for Scott yet and he’s still more than happy to pick up pee and puke.

But I am EXHAUSTED. It was a long trip and I didn’t get much sleep last night (thank god…my friend CinnKitty isn’t the only one getting the fun – FINALLY), so I’m ready to crash and yet part of me wants a repeat of last night!

I WOULD take some pictures, but mystupid camera is still at Kodak’s, so I’ll have new pics once it returns…later!


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