Camera’s Back!!

19 Feb
Yes! My camera is back! Or, rather, a new camera has arrived – Kodak FINALLY sent me a new refurbished camera, and I am slowly, but surely, falling in love with it. As long as it keeps working, I’ll be happy! So, may I now OFFICIALLY introduce you to our two newest family members: Kamik and Takaani.

Yup, those are my boys! They are officially known as ‘the boys’. We’re having some night-time whining issues, which drive me a bit crazy, but other than that they are doing really, really well. They LOVE playing ball, and are doing decently with going out.

Other family members, however, are not so happy with them…

Here is Kamik howling at our cat, Duchess, who wisely took point on top of the counter (ignore the mess – the counter is the catch-all of the house). She is beginning to teach them that she is the boss of the house. She’ll come out for a few minutes, wait until they find her, hiss and then jump where they can’t get her and be superior. That’s my girl!

I joked when we got home that we shouldn’t have gotten two dogs – after all, once we bought the dog toys the kids became puppies themselves! Here, Toad is becoming one of the pack…

This pack member, however, is not quite so happy. He feels as though we have betrayed him and can’t understand why we brought these little shadows into the house. Poor Duke – one very unhappy dog. I’m HOPING that it will be better soon…

Babygirl has taken to them the best, and this is a really good picture to show how BIG they are!! She’s on her knees and they’re almost as tall as she is! This is Takaani – Babygirl’s puppy, and she loves him to pieces.


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