I could never be rich

22 Feb

Okay first off – I am in LOVE with the Kong. At 7:00 last night I did a bit of research and discovered the website of a breeder in Texas who raises Malamutes. The breeder has TONS of good tips, and one of those is to give a puppy who is having separation anxiety issues a Kong. Fill it with peanut butter and some treats and there you go. So Scott runs out to the local store which, thankfully, was still open, and snagged the last two Kongs they had. We put peanut butter in them and some treats and froze them. The dogs shut up from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m.!!! YES! We had to get them to calm down a bit after 5, but this is a HUGE improvement over barking every hour or so. Screw sex toys – the Kong is my new best friend!

Okay, onto the important topic. Here in VT we can get fuel assistance – every year we apply, and every year we are turned down. I don’t go for much financial assistance, other than health care for our children (because, obviously, they deserve the best), and I feel guilty even APPLYING for fuel assistance, but we get turned down anyway, so its no biggie.

The end of this past year Scott contacted a local agency that helps to make sure that your home is energy efficient – if you have too little insulation, they come and put it in, ect. The process was long and involved and I was pretty sure that they wouldn’t be able to do much. Now you may remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that the water heater had sprung a small leak. I was resigned to ignoring it, but it was worrying Scott.

He called the dude from the agency the other day (we hadn’t heard from him in 2 months) and the guy said that they were a few months behind, but that we DID qualify and we were next on the list. Huh? Scott then told him about the water heater.

Guess who’s coming TODAY to put in a brand new hot water heater? The same company that told us it would cost over $2,000 to put it in.

THEN the agency guy has also set up to have the local hardware store bring a new deep freezer. I got my gram’s deep freeze a few months ago, but the guy said that it was extremely non-energy efficient and that they could set us up with a brand new, smaller, more efficient one. They’re supposed to be coming to bring a new one and take the old one away. Then, at some point here, they’ll descend upon the house and make it more energy efficient, blowing in more insulation, ect. Scott is ecstatic.

And me? I feel GUILTY AS HELL!

I mean, we’re not rich by any means, and I’m happy if I have a few hundred dollars left over in the bank after I pay the bills. But I feel GUILTY getting things from this agency! Oy vey – I could never be rich…I couldn’t survive the loot baskets!


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