22 Feb

I’ve been messing around a bit more with my Statcounter and discovering what it can really do – yeah, this is what I do when I’m trying to avoid work. Anyway, I decided to check out what keywords people were using to find my site! Scarily enough, one person typed in MY NAME! Not just Randi, but my first and last name – YIKES!! That’s kinda freaky…actually, I checked the IP address and wonder if it is one of my sisters-in-law who lives in California…let’s hope not!

A few people found my site by typing in “breastfeeding nazi lactation consultant”


Some found me through Eden Fantasys, which is great because I love that site – any site that allows me to test and review toys for free is number one in my book!

But do you know what the most popular keywords were for people who stumbled onto my blog?

Kindergarden Porn.

I saw that and thought WTF?!?!?! It’s a sick world! Then I realized that they were connecting with this blog post. The blog post itself is hilarious – the way people found it? Not so much..



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