Fun And Worry

24 Feb

I had a blast yesterday – to begin with, we did our normal Saturday morning groceries routine, but we added a stop to Blockbuster where I picked up an ocean type game and Toad got Super Mario Strikers (it’s a hilarious game!). We relaxed a bit, took a walk with the puppies, and then had some fun on the Wii with our new games.

Then, later that evening, I had some REAL fun. My good friend Tracey, out of desperation, I believe, invited me to a sex toy part with her. I think she thought that I would be her anchor, when, in fact, I ended up scaring the shit out of her when I said that I owned the double dong that was on the display table! Yikes! She managed to push that scariness aside, however, long enough to bring me home LOL.

Today we gave the puppies a bath – wow, was THAT a messy situation, and I finished my brother-in-law’s taxes (he owes…poor BIL). And, I’d have to say, I’m a bit concerned. About a year ago I gave up my part-time job in order to become a full-time freelance writer, and so far I’ve done okay. Now, however, things are kind of going downhill. One of my bosses has quite a bit of work, but the other one hasn’t contacted me much in the past week and, as always when this happens, I’m concerned and don’t know if I should start looking around for another company.

Of course, usually when I get this way my boss pops back up and says, “Randi – we’re slammed – we need you to work as much as possible and have no sleep…care to make some money?” And I jump on it and smile and my pocket feels full again.

Think I should give my boss another week? Or should I start looking around elsewhere?

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