Crazy Week Begins!!

25 Feb

Welcome to winter vacation! WHY they call it winter vacation at the end of February, I’ll never figure out. So what do I have planned for this glorious vacation with my two darling children? Surviving. I love my babies, but when we’re together all day – every day, we tend to rub each other raw. See, Toad constantly wants to play the Wii, while Babygirl constantly wants someone (usually Toad) to play with her. And then add the puppies to this, and we’re talking crazy week!

It went well this morning, though. Before today, Scott had been getting up, letting the puppies out, cleaning up the mess they made in the bathroom overnight, letting them in, and feeding them. Now I’ll be the FIRST to say that I would NOT like to clean up the bathroom after them, so I sort of talked him into it LOL. Today was his first day back to work and he got up, let them out, and cleaned up the bathroom. They stayed out until I got up (about an hour and a half) and then I let them in and fed and watered them. I also put them to bed last night AND made the coffee, so I think its a fair arrangement LOL.

We’re going to take them down to his work today for lunch so that he can show him off to his co-workers. Oh, and in case you were wondering, my mother STILL hasn’t met them yet!


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