She’s Baaaacccckkk…

27 Feb

Terry has resurfaced! If you look in the comments of yesterday’s post you’ll see the lovely message that Terry left me…but just to save you some clicking, let me write here what she said:

With all your bitching and moaning about money and attention… are crazy to buy 2 more dogs you can’t afford!

Ahhh, the lovely Terry – always full of optimism. She’s the person to turn to if you are having a bad day and want someone to push you over the edge so that you turn completely postal.

Not that I need to defend myself, but let me try, just for fun. I make decent money now. I do worry about my job occasionally, because it is not like a 9-5 job which is usually more secure…wait…even a 9-5 job isn’t always secure, is it? Anyway, the nature of this beast is that its feast or famine – and when we feast, we save some aside to make sure that we have enough for when it is famine.

As for the attention – dude – wake up? Who can give you more attention than a loving puppy?! It is helping me to feel better, my kids are all over them, loving them to pieces and learning about being more responsible while they are at it, and they give us lots of laughs. I took a video yesterday of Duke wrestling around with them in the morning, and hopefully I’ll get it up online so that you can see it…its pretty funny. Anyway, these puppies have brought pure joy (and minor vexation occasionally) into our lives, so why shouldn’t we enjoy them?

I don’t like to live my life to make other people happy, simply because you can NEVER make everyone happy. Yes I have my issues – who doesn’t? But I know that the only people I have to make fully happy are Scott and my children. As long as they never regret their life, we’re doing the right thing.

I honestly wish that more people would have this kind of an attitude – I know it takes all types, but it makes me upset when people spend their lives trying to make everyone else happy and then never find happiness themselves.


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