Letter to Terry

28 Feb

Hi Terry –

Sorry, I wrote this last night and just realized that it didn’t post. I see that you’ve been continually checking the website today, probably looking for my response, and I am sorry that I didn’t give it to you immediately.

Terry, I just wanted to thank you for all of your lovely comments about my personal being and my family (my animals are my family too). As I’m sure you know, our lovely dog is only allowed to be loose for a few hours a day due to neighbors who believe that he belongs to them. See, they lure him into their home, allowing him to do whatever he’s like and breaking all of his obedience training. They give him people food that he then comes home and throws up, and confuse him as to where home really is.

We hate that we have to hook him, but altercations with these neighbors have proven that it is necessary to hook him most of the time for his own safety and for my husband safety, as the male neighbor of the two threatened my husband with violence (which is kind of silly in my eyes, especially as we have a state trooper who is a friend of ours that lives right up the road). We are currently looking into building a fence for our back yard so that this never has to be a problem again.

But I wanted to thank you for your kind concern, Terry – I know that you mean everything in a kind and thoughtful manner. Some think that your actions are childish, especially as you happen to know my neighbors very, very well, but I know that you are just trying to be nice. I am grateful that you take the time out of your very busy work day at the local hospital in order to check this blog 8 or 9 times some days, and I greatly appreciate you visiting and offering your lovely, well-meaning advice.

To any of my friends who have visited and who have commented about the rudeness of Terry, I ask you to be patient and to be understanding. Terry is, I think, truly a nice person, but one who does not know how to express herself in the right way.

Thank you again, Terry, for using your computer access during your busy day stocking supplies at local hospital in order to check on this site. Its nice to know that you care!



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