Why I’m Voting for Obama

29 Feb

Its not often that I write anything about politics on here, simply because I have mixed feelings. For starters, I believe that your voice can’t make a difference – that unless you have a lot of money, and/or a lot of power, you can not make the government listen to you. I believe that the Electoral College is antiquated, which is the entire reason that I intended not to vote this year.

I change my mind.

That’s one of the great things about being in this country – you’re allowed to change your mind. I started watching MSNBC in the mornings and really following the politics. I began listening to some of the debates and weighing my options. I did this all because I caught one speech by one man a few months ago.

Barack Obama

I saw him speak when the Kennedy’s gave their endorsement to him, and I knew that I was watching history. I saw a man who had pride in himself, pride in his country, and a fire in his belly to fight against all of the injustices. He hasn’t been bought out by corporate sponsors or lobbyists, and he is ready, willing, and able to begin the fight the moment he is elected in office.

I hear many people talk about how he doesn’t have as much experience as Hillary Clinton or John McCain, but I’ll tell you right now – that doesn’t matter anymore. We’ve had Presidents lately with tons of experience, and none of them have been able to do in all of their years in office what Barack has been able to do since January, which is to UNITE THE COUNTRY.

We aren’t looking at him saying, “there’s a black man running for president”, and we aren’t looking at him saying, “there’s a powerful man who has garnered lots of support from congress”. We’re looking at him and saying, “here is a man who, in the course of just a few months, has managed to unite the country – to get them interested in their government again. To give them the most precious gift you can ever give.


I watched this video this morning and I started crying a bit, not just because John Leguizamo (my favorite actor EVER) is in this video, but because all of my thoughts an feelings and hopes were laid right on the line.

I’m an excellent judge of character (just ask my husband). When I look at Barack Obama I don’t see color, even though I live in an area where caucasions outnumber colored people 1,000 to 1 or more, and I don’t see a politician. I see a man who is fighting to represent his people. Who wants to try to heal the country. A man who wants everyone to become united, to stand up and say, “yes we can. Together, we can make a difference”. I see a man is young enough to have fight left in him – who is intelligent enough to not listen to all of the promises that other people make – and who is wise enough to know how to work with congress instead of against them at every turn. A man who doesn’t want to make deals, but who wants to stand for the people.

Hundreds of years ago, being President was an honor that wasn’t taken lightly. Those who ran for President did so because they desperately wanted to represent our country, and to do what was best for it. Slowly, but surely, the title of President stopped being a position that people wanted because they considered it to be the ultimate way to defend and protect our country and those in it, and began being the ultimate job to aspire too, with the most money, power, and prestige attached to it. Barack is changing that. He’s not in this game for he money, or the power, or the prestige…he’s trying to become President because he truly wants to represent our people.

So I don’t care how much experience Barack has. I don’t care if he’s never stepped food in a government office before – he is uniting our country and he has a plan to change our country back into being the wonderful place that it used to be oh so many years ago. And maybe, just maybe, we can grow old and we can look back at this time and say, “I remember when President Obama was inducted into office – that was the day that things began to go back to being good.”

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