Friday Freewrite

7 Mar

Once again its Friday Freewrite time! The timer is set for five minutes and away I go!

Okay, so my house is a huge mess. I mean, a huge mess. I love my step-dad, but he’s a “measure eight times, cue once, or, rather cut once, then measure again” kinda guy. This means that the worksmanship is BEAUTIFUL, but its taking forever. It’s okay – it’ll be alright – that is my Mantra. And then, today, the guys from the company who help make your home energy efficient are coming. Yup – so I’ll have construction AND insultaion being blown in. They’re going to make it much more efficient and everything else, though, and for free, so I’m not complaining. I am, however, ready to get a six pack of alcohol and down it all myself. Of course, I’m a total non-drinker, so if I drink a six pack of alcohol, I’ll wind up giving blow jobs to a catholic man or something. Seriously – I have no tolerance! Scott says I’m not even a cheap drunk – I’m worse than that. It makes it nice for him, of course, but I’m the one left hangong over the toilet, aren’t I? Anyway, Babygirl is in her nightgown and I’ve still got my pj’s on. Step-dad is here, and who knows when the other guys will get here. I guess I should probbly put some clothes on, buty why? Oh, and the puppies are doing great. They’ve been having to handle the whole construction thing too, and they’ve been put outside quite a bit so that they didn’t get hurt or chew on the wood, but they’ve done awesome! Scott brought a co-worker over to see them, and I couldn’t help but think, “you’re bragging about the puppies? What happened to showing off the kids/” LOL. My five minutes is almost up – I’m so glad I did tihs freewrite!! I keep forgetting every Friday because it is my “relax” day – the one day I dno’t have to drive Babygirl to preschool, so she and I handg outin our pj’s…but now it is time to go and get dressed. Send more coffee please!!

Head on over to Finn’s to see all of the entrants!


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