Oh sweet baby Jesus…

12 Mar

As I sit here at my kitchen counter typing this, there are currently five, yes FIVE, construction guys working on my house. Two are downstairs putting more insulation in the ceiling of the garage, two are in the bathroom putting an exhaust fan in (because either my stink is polluting up the enviornment or it is better to have an exhaust fan for some other enviornmental reason), and one is gophering in between, supervising the work. One of the construction guys already almost fell out of the small access hole for the attic, his ladder giving out underneath him.

Three of these five guys? Young, hot, fit, 20 something carpenters with jeans that definitely mold their tight butts off really well.

And here I sit, a 28 year old overweight housewife, drooling, with my coffee next to the laptop, smiling whenever they come upstairs.

I need help…


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