Feel Like A Heel

14 Mar

Okay, I DO have photos from when the guys were here, but for some reason my lazy ass keeps forgetting to get them off my camera and ONTO my computer. I SWEAR I’ll get it done ASAP, and you’ll see tons of photos!

But for now, I feel kinda like a heel. See, most of the week I have not been the nicest person. I’ve complained about how much my step-dad charged me for the wall, an amount which was NOT agreed upon. I’ve avoided putting it here because I was worried that my mother would read it and I would upset her – lemme give some backstory here.

A few months ago I approached step-dad about seriously doing the wall. I’d been wanting it done for a long time, and had casually tossed the idea around in front of them, but a few months ago we all sat down and came up with the design. Step-dad looked at the wall and gave us a quote of around $300 – 400 dollars. Perfect! So we set it up.

We originally thought it was something that he was going to do with Scott, but he set it up on the books to be during the week. He came on Tuesday and began, and on Wednesday, when the wall was half-destroyed and he was working on destroying the rest of it, causally tossed out that he had to charge friends and family $20 an hour in order to be able to afford his bills. I coupled that with how slow and methodical he seemed to be going (measure 3 times, cut once, which leads for a beautiful job, but a hefty fee), and I knew that we were going to be in trouble.

By the time he was done, after 31 hours of labor and costs for the materials (which wasn’t much, trust me), we paid him over $900. That’s $500 above the highest estimate.

Fucking Ouch.

If I had known that he was going to charge me $20 an hour, I would’ve asked for an estimate on how many hours, ect. Instead, I took his estimate as gospel, because I am his step-daughter, and wound up getting royally fucked.

Now I do not live in such a way that I can afford that kind of money – fortuntely we had received our taxes, and even though we had other plans for them (goodbye paying off credit card), we paid my step-dad.

So yesterday my mother finally stops over to see the wall. She gave some idea on how to paint the living room, ect. She asked me if I liked it. I told her, truthfully, that I loved it, but that I still had a few issues with it. She asked what issues I had, and I said, “well, I didn’t know that he was going to charge me $20 an hour until the day after it was all torn apart.”

I had expected her to defend him, saying that it was his business. I had expected her to not be surprised, as I assumed that she and my step-dad actually had conversations.

What happened was that she started crying – something she very rarely does.

She wouldn’t get into it, but it sounds like she and my step-dad have been having a rough go – they tend to fight frequently, but I think that she was really upset that he had charged me so much, when he wouldn’t have charged his biological daughters that much.

She eventually calmed down, had a few giggles over the kiddos antics, and went home. And I sat here, feeling like a heel for making my mother cry.

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