15 Mar

Okay, I totally owe you guys some photos, so consider this weekend photo weekend. First, let’s go to the wall – the pride, and bane, of my existence. This is what the wall looked like when you stood in the kitchen. As you can easily see, it separated the dining room and the kitchen, but it just didn’t seem to flow right. It made the living room really dark all the time and just didn’t look right.

Here’s what it looked like from the living room (please ignore the holy hell of a mess my living room is – its a perpetual state)…

And from the dining room.

(no I did NOT put on the Thomas Kincaid wallpaper – its been there since we bought the house – I’m too lazy to take it off. Wallpaper SUCKS!)

And HERE is what the wall looks like NOW:

Now tell me that doesn’t look better? And from the living room –

I think it is awesome – but still don’t think it should’ve cost what we paid for it.

Here is what the fan in Babygirl’s room used to look like.

Nothing wrong with it, right? And we didn’t just trash it, we moved it to the downstairs guest room. We couldn’t pass up the deal for this fan, however:

Pretty, right? Take a wild guess how much it cost – go on, guess. WRONG. It cost us SIX DOLLARS brand new at Lowes. I heart Lowes.

Now this is my ugly old faucet in the upstairs bathroom. Upstairs in our house holds three bedrooms, the kitchen, living, and dining area, along with a full bath (downstairs is another full bath, and three more rooms that we rarely use…yes, I know, the house is fucked up. Moving along now…) I HATED this faucet ever since we bought a new faucet for the kitchen last year.

Yes, I know, the sink is dirty, but I knew he’d be getting it ever dirtier when he was installing it, so I ignored the dirt for a bit. Anyway, I couldn’t justify buying a new faucet for huge prices….until Lowes made me fall even more madly in lust with them by providing me with a $20 clearance Moen faucet…

Sink’s still a mess but OH how pretty the faucet is!

It’s the little things, people, that make me very happy.

Now, for those of you who wanted me to do a little evesdropping and spying when the guys were here the other day, I have TWO photos for you – and I had to struggle to get those!!

Nice, leg, right? Okay, okay, the second one is a bit better…

One of the younger guys – he was HOT. And they were all so polite!!

Anyway, these are the pics I promised, and if Boobie Wars goes on as promised, there will be plenty more to come, only a bit W-rated (not quite X rated, but almost – heh)


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