16 Mar

It’s a typical Sunday in my house right now. I’m sitting in my pajamas doing some work, Toad, Babygirl, and Scott are all in the living room, which I can see now thanks to my new wall. Toad is playing on the Wii, while Babygirl and Daddy are looking at some find-it books and just basically giggling and whispering.

Meanwhile I sit, working. Bleck.

My sister-in-law stopped by unexpectedly today. She often pops down (and keeps me sane), but today she popped down and talked about an odd dream she had where she was getting married to someone other than her long-time boyfriend. She refused to say who it was she was getting married to in the dream until Scott left to take the dogs for a short walk. She then told me, and made me swear I wouldn’t tell Scott. I’m not used to not telling Scott something, especially about a family member of his, but this was a big deal for her to tell me so I’ve gotta keep it quiet.

Then an old friend of mine from my previous life when I was a call center employee caught me on chat yesterday and told me that she had been dating the nephew that we raised for four years for a short while but that they were broken up now – and that he still swear we “stole his SSI”.

We told Toad that Daddy and I had agreed that we weren’t comfortable with him going on the field trip that is 2 Mondays away from today, but that we were going to take him to the aquarium we hadn’t visited yet (and apparently the only one in the state of Vermont), and to a Chuck-E-Cheese type place called Pizza Putt. His words? “That’s WAY better than the field trip!”

Oh, and I got naked and did some shots for Boobie Wars, starting on Monday.

Yup, just a typical weekend here…


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