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18 Mar

Can you tell I’m trying to avoid work? God knows why, it’s so much fun! Really, though, some of these ones I’m doing are enjoyable, so its not complete torture. Anyway, I thought I’d bring your attention to a few things I’ve discovered lately.

1. When you put your almost 4 year old daughter’s hair in pigtails, it is impossible not to smile at her:

2. Your husband chooses a dog, then says that your dog is cuter than his dog. Now, how is this dog:

Uglier than THIS dog:

Aren’t they basically identical? The top is Kamik – he’s got a slightly wider face and a wider stripe down his nose and is Scott’s dog – the one he says is “less cute”. Takaani is the bottom photo and he’s got a thinner stripe and a white spot behind his head (which you obviously can’t see). How is one cuter than the other? It just proves that I married a moron…

3. When you plunk your son in the sled, and have him hold onto the puppies, and have Daddy at the other end of an icy driveway with treats, a good time can be had by all:

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