Friday Freewrite

21 Mar

Freewriting is writing, without editing, whatever comes to mind for a predetermined amount of time without regard to spelling, grammar, structure, etc. Head over to MetalMom’s site for the complete list of those playing.

Yesterday morning found me with a headache that raged on until I finally broke down and took some Percocet. Which didn’t work. So yesterday afternoon found me calling my mother, bawling, askingher to bring me to the doctors. I got there and got two nice shots in the butt for my trouble – but hey, he headache stopped, so I’m all good. I have to go to see my doctor on Tuesday to disucss my headache journal and to see waht can be done to stop them.

Now, *I* know that they’re headaches from hormones, but because I don’t have M and D after my name, they don’t beleive me. Wahtever – at least they stopped the raging headache.

The other day I was surfing the web and came across a number of different people who had lost their spouses due to cancer. I bawled. I have experienced losing people due to cancer, but never those who are as young as these people were. One woman was widowed at 25 years old, and others were in their early thirties, with children, when they passed. It really scares you and makes you think about how precious life is. The idea that in the blnk of an eye I coiuld be gone really does scare me – I dno’t want to leave my children. I want to watch them graduate – I want to hold their hands nad hug them when their first girlfriend/boyfriend dumps them (and then I’ll go threaten the skank or bastard with death for hurting my baby). I want to see all of these things, yet I’d rather die than have anything happen to either of them.

On that note, if I hadn’t said before, Scott and i decided to not let Toad go on the field trip. We’re heading to the aquarium instead, and to a place that is like Chuck – E – Cheese, so he’ll have educational fun and then just downright messy fun.

Apparently a few weks ago I snorted cocaine without realizing it, because all of my mother’s family is coming here for Easter. Huh? My gram used to do the egg hunt, and a few years ago I finally talked her into letting me help. So I’m the only one that knows how to do the eggs “properly”. I also hae the house with the most open area, so I decided to do the hunt and to also do a dinner. We’ll see how cranky the kiddos get. I do know one thing – if their children act up (which they frequently do), I have no problem putting them in their place.


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