A Few Good Friends

23 Mar

Just tonight I became aware of the fact that a few good friends of mine have been reading this blog for awhile. They live just down the road from me, definitely know who I am, and could probably tell a few stories that would raise some eyebrows. This being Easter (a time of love and joy – or commercialism, depending on if you have children or not), I wanted to leave them a little message:

Dear S&N,

You both are absolute sweethearts. You are kind and all around nice people. You are the kinds of people that you can make friends with, lose touch with, and then talk to again without missing a beat. S – you act like a big tough guy, but you really are a nice guy who is more in touch with his soft side than I could ever have believed. N – you make everyone feel comfortable, which is truly a gift, and you are a great and strong woman. I truly hope that, no matter what happens, you are in our lives for a very long time. Your children are wonderful, you are wonderful, and I feel grateful just to have known you.

Oh, yeah, and don’t tell any of my big bad secrets. I don’t think the world could handle them ;).

Your friend,


Disclaimer – it is 11 pm and I’m really tired, so if I sound silly and sappy and sentimental, forgive me 🙂


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