Forbidden Wednesdays

26 Mar

My lovely friend Mistress M has got a fun little thing she does on her blog called Naughty Tuesdays. I really love her posts and, as sort of an homage and because I’ve been really into talking about sex lately, have decided to start my own little thing called Forbidden Wednesdays, where I will discuss “forbidden” sex topics. What kind of topics? How about we start with our first topic:

Anal Sex

Just those two words said in a crowded room can cause the whole room to quiet down and can make the person who said them the center of attention very quickly. Why? Because it is still, in many ways, taboo. This doesn’t mean that there are not thousands of people who engage, and enjoy, anal sex, but it is considered by many to be “dirty”. How do I feel about anal sex? Well, if you are a mother of mine or a relative, you may want to click away from the site now….

Yes, I have tried anal sex. Four times, as a matter of fact. Did I enjoy it? Once I did, but the rest of the times found me rolling over in serious pain. I have tried to figure out why I didn’t enjoy it, and other than the obvious “your partner went too damn fast”, I have a hard time pinpointing why I just can’t seem to be comfortable with the idea of anal sex when I am comfortable with so many other things. I guess I am one of those people who can not get over the “dirty” feeling of anal sex. I’ve often said that I’d have a tattoo put near my ass that says, “its an exit, not an entrance”.

A wide majority of men, however, fantasize about anal sex. Why? Is it because it is a tighter orafice than any other? Is it because it is forbidden? And how come men can enjoy anal sex with a woman and not be considered gay?

All good questions – most of which I have no answers to! I can tell you that most of the men I know and have talked to have fantasized about anal sex (if they have not done it) almost as much, if not more than, they have fantasized about having a FFM threesome, but none of them can give me just one answer as to why they enjoy it so much. For many, I think, it is the idea of anal sex that titillates them, and they quickly discover that, if they have an anal virgin and do not move extremely slow, they wind up being the bad guy.

I currently know that at least two of my female friends enjoy anal. How about you?


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