Land of the Living

26 Mar

I’m alive – hooray! I had TONS of work to do yesterday, and so plowed through it while my head was in a fog. I still have no idea exactly what I wrote – lets hope its decent!!

I have also discovered that while I used to hate Scott being home for a week, I’ve come to love it. He transports the kiddos and plays with Babygirl when she comes home. He lets the dogs in and out and actually talks to me while he’s on the computer in the back room. He is really lovey-dovey and sweet (or that could be because for once he got morning nooky) and I actually really enjoy it! Although, I’m sure if he was home longer than a week, he’d drive me batty.

I have over 100 photos on the camera to upload onto my computer and then onto the photo site, but I may have to make the hubby angry with me. My Flickr acct has reached 200 photos, which means that some will start getting deleted…unless I pony up the money for a pro account.

*sigh* so much for him being in a nice mood…


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