I WON I WON!!! Woo hoo!!

29 Mar

Okay, I’m sicker than a dog with the lovely cold virus that is going around. Yup, I finally got struck down by it. The head part was bearable, but this cough is killing me. I feel like I’ve got a hundred pound dog sitting on my chest. On top of that I’ve got tons of work piled up that I have to get to. So I sat down to try to get some done while the Musinex was trying to take effect when I got an e-mail from Celebrity Baby Blog.

They had a contest a week or so ago asking readers if they wanted to win a copy of Enchanted on DVD – you had to e-mail them and tell them if you would like the old-time Prince Charming or the new Prince Charming. I said that I wanted an old Prince Charming who could actually sing (because my husband can’t), and for a few other reasons. This morning I got an e-mail that said that I won!! Now, to note here, I very rarely win anything, and to win this DVD, which I’ve been told is an awesome story and is one that I can sit down and watch with Babygirl, is just awsome!!

I can’t wait until the DVD arrives next week and I can finally watch it…maybe Babygirl and I will have to have a girls day where we sit back, paint our toenails, eat junk food, and watch Enchanted.
Now excuse me while I go cough up a lung…

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