I’m ALIVE!!!

30 Mar
Meet my new best friend: I am alive and feeling so, SO much better than I did yesterday. I started taking Mucinex for the first time on Friday afternoon, and when I woke up Saturday morning feeling even worse, I was sure that the product wasn’t working. I had piles of work to do, so I pushed through and finally got things wound up around 5 p.m. After that I took a shower, plopped on the couch and told Scott that I wasn’t moving my fat ass. He served me drinks and was a real sweetheart, until around 11:30 when he made me move into the bedroom. The jerk.
I slept until a bit after 9 this morning and slowly opened my eyes, expecting a coughing attack to hit me. It didn’t! I was able to get up and actually have a sip of coffee before I started coughing! Hooray!!
If you have a cold that has moved into your chest, GET MUCINEX. My pharmacist was right when she said it doesn’t work right off – it does help to supress a bit of your cough, but it takes a day or so before it makes the chest cold seem to disappear. I feel 110% better and am so, SO happy that she talked me into buying some. I will now have Mucinex in my medicine cabinet at all times!
The bad news is that now Toad seems to have gotten the cold. He came down with a slight fever this morning, and now that the Motrin has worn off, it’s back up to 99.7. So he’s cuddled up in my bed right now (note to self: burn blankets and sheets) and I’m hoping that he’ll get over it as fast as his sister did (she only had it a few days). If he still looks like death warmed over tomorrow, he definitely isn’t going to school.

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