One Down…Two to Go…

6 Apr

Scott’s birthday was today, but we did most of our celebrating yesterday. My parents agreed to take the kiddos overnight and I brought Scott to our favorite restaurant. I had Prime Rib (my FAVORITE), and he had scallops and shrimp in lobster sauce…yummmm! I made him wear a blindfold the whole way there!

I also had him wear the blindfold on the way home, as there was an x-rated surprise that was planned. I obviously can’t say much here…dammit…WHY did I tell friends and family about this site?! If I hadn’t, I could’ve told you all what happened! And trust me…I really wanna tell what happened. Let’s just say that Scott now realizes that his life is pretty blessed and leave it at that.

The kids and I bought him Seasons one and two of ALF! Remember ALF?! For some reason, ALF comes up in our conversations entirely too often, and when I was searching for a gift and saw it by accident on Amazon, I couldn’t help myself. He was delighted with that gift, and with the LED flashlight that the kids can’t stop playing with. And Scott wonders why he has a headache…

My SIL and her BF were down as well and gave him Big Game Hunter for the Wii. I have to explain something: Scott likes to play video games, but he loves more to watch people play them. This game, however, he hogged for two and a half hours! That, my friends, is a record for Scott. He’s currently trying to find a “trophy moose”. I happen to know a friend who would love to play this game – you know who you are…give us a call and come down and play! We’ve already got your kids hooked on the Wii LOL.

I’ve been ignoring work all weekend, and I fear I will pay for it this week. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, know that its because I’m buried in work…and fondly remembering Saturday night!


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