Like a Chicken with Its Head Cut Off

8 Apr

I have got SO MANY ERRANDS to do this morning that I’m ready to just throw it all away and lay in sloth in my pajamas all morning. I have to run to the bank and get presents and get party favors and cups and plates…gah!

As you may have guessed, Babygirl’s FOURTH birthday is on Saturday. And because I’m such a wonderful mother, I’m once again ordering and buying crap last minute. Yup, that’s me all right. I’m trying, however, to make things better by making them awesome. Take, for instance, these:

From Celebrate Express, these inexpensive goblets are 12 oz. and will be filled with candys, wrapped in pink plastic wrap, and tied with a pretty ribbon. Yeah, I’m that crafty alright. Actually I got the idea from a reviewer, but I can pawn it off as my own, can’t I?

There is one major benefit of all of this running around. Not only am I saving gas by taking Babygirl to preschool and doing all the errands at the same time, I will also be able to have one of these heavenly beauties:

Hello Gorgeous. I live about 20 minutes away from any fast food restaurants (and even then there are only 2 available – Wendy’s and McDonalds), and I very, very rarely ever get the opportunity to actually have breakfast at McDonalds. Whenever I have to do tons of errands in the morning and find myself dragging my feet, I just remember the beautiful aroma and taste of this heavenly little treat (which is sure to add more lard to my fat ass) and am able to get things done much, much more quickly.

Hello – my name is Randi and I work for juicy, greasy, fattening foods…


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