Forbidden Wednesdays – 3rd Edition

9 Apr

OMG! I almost forgot Forbidden Wednesday! How dare I! Fortunately I’ve still got a few hours left. Let’s see, what can we talk about today…


No I’m not talking knock down, drag out fights where a woman (or a man) gets tied up and whipped (although if you’re into BDSM, that’s fine too). I’m talking sexual submission in the bedroom of a more gentle kind. I am a take-charge type of person. I like to be in control of things, which could be why I fear flying so much, and definitely have a big mouth. A few years ago, however, I was shocked to discover how submissive I truly am.

It hit me one day after a particularly sweaty round that I didn’t speak up much during the bout. Save for a few mumbled words, I’d let him have most of the control. I decided to test my theory and paid more attention after our romps in the sheets to try to discover if I truly had a submissive personality or not.

I was shocked when, less than a month later, the evidence was clear: I was submissive in bed. I went into denial for awhile, “what – me – big mouth me – submissive? As if!” (yes, I always channel Cher Herowitz with my inner-dialogue…doesn’t everyone?) A month or so later, however, the evidence could no longer be ignored.

I started wondering why I was submissive, and only one logical answer came to me: because I needed it.

Work with me here – us women have a zillion and three things going on in our heads at any one point in time. We have a running schedule going on as well, with a to do list that never ends. In my case, I want someone else to be in control for awhile, and apparently during sex is the perfect time for me.

I like letting him control the situation, as long as he takes care of both our needs. I enjoy being told what to do in the bedroom, and have a sole pupose of making him happy. This, however, is the only place that my guards are down long enough to allow it to happen, as I couldn’t see Scott taking control of everything all day long.

After all, I’m only submissive in the bedroom…not crazy.


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