Left Out

11 Apr

Okay, I’m not going to go “wah” or “boo hoo” here, I’m just trying to make a point. Remember awhile ago when I was saying how I didn’t feel a part of my family? It was then that I made the decision to cut ties and sent back the Christmas money my grandmother sent me (it was painful). Apparently that decision either woke my grandmother up or something.

She spends four months in Florida. Soon after she got there she sent the kiddos some books. I’m not going to refuse to accept gifts for my kids, so of course I let them have them.

Yesterday we received a package in the mail from them. They sent a birthday present for Babygirl (I think that’s, like, the first time), and a small gift for Toad as well. They loved them, and played with them for hours last night. My grandmother drilled manners into me, so I knew that I had to have the kids call and say “thank you”, because it was a very kind gesture, and, who knows, maybe, just maybe, she wants things to be different too.

I didn’t, however, have her phone number, so I called Aunt P (the one I thought I was closest to) in order to get the number. Her husband answered and lo and behold, Aunt P was on a cruise.

“Oh, how fun,” I said, “did she go with friends from work?”

“No – she went with Aunt D, her daughters, and Aunt N.”

Let me rephrase this – every woman on that side of the family, other than my step-mother and my grandmother (who is in Florida) went on a cruise together.

Remember when Aunt N was all “I don’t know why you feel left out. It’s not as if we all get together and stuff.”

Uh huh. I’d love to see her try THAT one again.

Now would I have gone on the cruise? Probably not, for the simple fact that figuring out what to do with the kiddos would’ve been a nightmare, and flying is NOT my forte, but would I have liked to have been asked? Of course!

And they wonder why I feel left out. Uh huh.

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