Forbidden Wednesdays – 4th Edition

16 Apr

And we’re back to Forbidden Wednesday! Let me tell you, the time FLIES some weeks when you’ve got something specific to write about on a specific day. Let’s see, what to talk about today…


I know so many women (and men) who swear that they’d never get into restraining their partner. My question is: why not? A lot of people, I believe, connect restraint to BDSM, or bondage, domination, and sadomachicism (I probably spelled that wrong, but it’s Wednesday…forgive me). While restraint is a huge part of some BDSM play, it doesn’t have to be all about control. Okay, so there is definitely some control in how you can tease and torment your partner, but is for their benefit, and not yours, right?

*insert evil laugh here*

Sorry. Where was I? Oh yes, restraint. Now I know for a fact that my husband hates to love being tied up. What I mean is that he enjoys being tied up because he knows that I’ll torture him very well while he’s tied up, and that I’ll take care of everything before we’re done. But he hates to love it because its giving up control, something that he doesn’t do easily.

Now me? I love to hate being tied up. I love struggling against my husband and feeling his muscles bulge as he forces my body down onto the bed. I guess it’s the little girl “oh help me mr. ossifer” part of me that loves to be forced.

When you’re a woman tying a man down, you can drive him more crazy than he’s ever been in his life. All of the control is ripped away from him and suddenly he can’t make good on all of the urges that he’s trying hard to control. When you’re the one being tied up, you can shut down your mind for a bit because for once you can’t control anything that is happening.

And when you add a blindfold to the mix, pure magic can happen.

I, personally, recommend the Under the Bed Restraint System, as it is easy to set up, easy to hide from prying kidlet eyes, and works extremely well. You can find it at any major sex store.


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