18 Apr

Yesterday I woke up with one of my lively migraines. I’ve given up on calling them headaches, I’m going to call them by their “officially diagnosed” name and maybe they’ll be so happy that I’m no longer denying their verocity that they’ll simply disappear.

I’ve always been an optimist.

Anyway, after taking every OTC and prescription drug in the house, biting off everyone’s heads, and pushing through the day, the headache finally went away…only to be replaced by everyone’s favorite relative, Aunt Flo.

I hate the little “pet” names we give for our period. Aunt Flo, the red river, ect. Why do we do that? Like calling it a cutsie name is going to make it any less miserable. Yesterday things start out light and I was all, “ha! My period loves me…it not only got rid of my headache…oops…migraine, it also is going to be a light one! MWA HA HA”.

I should’ve known never to taunt mother nature. The creator of the Titanic did and look what happened to him!

I woke up this morning wondering if I’d somehow morphed into a 75 year old woman with arthritis in her hips during the long evening. Even worse, however, was the fact that I was up by 6:30 a.m. on a vacation week! That’s just not right! I tossed and turned all night (probably due to my period…or the huge amount of pharmaceutical drugs I had in my system…you choose), and then I got up early. In my eyes, that is completely sinful.

We hit the park yesterday and I took a crapload of photos. We’re planning on going against around lunch time and meeting one of Toad’s friends and her mother…one I actually like! Then it’ll be time to hit the grocery store and purchase all of the necessities that I need to get me through this lovely woman’s curse.

Sweets, salt, and alcohol.



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