Make Up Thy Mind, Randi!

21 Apr

I don’t want something extremely expensive, but I don’t want a cheap piece of crap either.

What am I talking about? A patio set.

I’m flexible! Honestly! I either want a table and chairs with an umbrella, or a loveseat with a few chairs and a little coffee-type table.

But there’s a problem.

He doesn’t want anything that is made using woven materials becuase he says they don’t last as long. Okay, fine. He, however, refuses to pay more than $200 for a patio set, leaving me with a choice between a plastic piece of crap, a plastic piece of crap, or a plastic piece of crap!

The problem – I don’t want a plastic piece of crap! We’ve been using my mothers old patio set since we moved in here almost six years ago. The patio set is a white plastic one that looks as old as it is. Now, I’ve got no problem with secondhand things, and even go searching for them because they’re less expensive, but this one has definitely had its day. Two of the chairs collapse if you even look at them the wrong way.

I greatly appreciate my mother giving them to us, but they’re ready for a decent burial.

I love glass-top tables, and I even like the wicker ones with the cushions (even though I’m not a huge wicker fan). I’m willing to spend up to $400 for a nice set, but his budget is KILLING ME!!!!


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