Forbidden Wednesday – 5th Edition

23 Apr

I’ve had a really, really odd/rough day, and its looking to get even better as the day progresses. Good news? The orthodontist has Toad on a “wait and see” plan, so I don’t have to worry about his teeth for another six months. The bad news? The first baseball practice last night caused Toad to be unable to fall asleep until 9:30, despite all of my coaxing and demanding, and he wound up coming home around 12:30 because he was bawling and exhausted at school. *sigh*

Anyway, it’s time for Forbidden Wednesday, and I’ve got something a bit different in mind today.


I’ve come to realize that romance does not come easily to the majority of men in the world, so I’m going to make romance very easy for men.

Open your ears and LISTEN.

Women give clues all the time about what they like. They may make a comment about finding something beautiful or about something they enjoyed doing when they were a child. Take that little piece of information and endeavor to remember it.

Another tip? I’m full of them, check this out – romance doesn’t have to cost very much at all. How expensive is it to take your girlfriend/wife on a long drive, where you wind up at a beautiful meadow and eat a picnic lunch that you have prepared for the two of you? It’ll cost you a few gallons of gas and the food, THAT’S IT.

How much does it cost to run a bubble bath for your lover? Light a few candles, put some good smelly stuff in the bath and take the time to rub her down and you’re all set.

Now, ladies, there are those men who truly are built to ignore romance, and like it or not, it is something that the majority of us need. We may have different meanings for the word and may want different things, but we all need to feel special/cared for on occasion. Some women want to be dined and danced with while others want to be forcefully taken up against a wall. It can be a tricky situation for a man, so why not spell out what you’d like him to do? For instance, if you want to dance with your husband and you haven’t danced together in a long time, why not say “hey honey – we haven’t danced in forever. I’d love to dance with you again sometime, even if its just in the middle of the kitchen.” This way you have stated exactly what you are looking for from your spouse and they don’t have to read your mind, right?

Now, guys, here’s where you come in – if a woman is intelligent/caring enough to make it blatantly obvious what she wants when it comes to romance, get off your ass and DO IT.

Have I ever looked right at my husband and told him that I was longing for certain romantic things to happen? Absolutely. Has he done them?

As of today – nope.


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