No More Bagels for Me

24 Apr

I just ate a bagel with cream cheese and I’m ready for a nap. It just ain’t right folks!!

Today is just like any other day…for the most part. We’re supposed to head to this circus thing tonight, but I’m not sure if we’ll get seats. They give out free seats to all children (nice marketing gimmick), and the adult have to pay up the ass to get in. The only problem is that its first come, first served…EVEN IF you purchase tickets online. If you get there and there are no seats left, even if you have a ticket, you’re SOL.

My SIL, meanwhile, is pulling some strange pranks. The other day Scott got pissy over something very silly. The SIL was with me and later made a point to agree with me and tell me that she thinks something is bothering him.

Yesterday, however, when he and I were talking about it…again…I told him that even SHE was worried about him, because he’d snapped so quickly at something that was really stupid. And that she thought he was bothered about something. He looked at me and said, “But Ran, she told me over the phone a few hours ago that she thought that you were the one that over-reacted.”

See, now that’s a pet peeve of mine. If you don’t agree with me, that’s FINE, but don’t tell me one thing to my face and then say something else behind my back. So I’m not quite sure wht to do about it. I definitely think it is time to confront her about it (in a nice way…hopefully) because it keeps happening (this is, like, the third time lately we’ve seen it happen). But she’s really delicate and I’m not sure how she’ll take it.

Then again, when have I ever shut my mouth before? Any thoughts?

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