Time to Make the Donuts!

28 Apr

This weekend we made over 8 dozen donuts.

That’s a shitload of donuts.

We made them to be sold at the 3 on 3 Basketball tournament the fundraising club put together. Apparently last year EVERYONE was asking for donuts. So how much did I sell, you wonder?

About a dozen.

THIS year NO ONE wanted donuts OR coffee! They wanted water, water, and more water! I’m going to NOT make donuts next year.

After that Scott and I headed to Wal-Mart where we FINALLY got a patio set! YES! We set it up Sunday and watched Toad, Babygirl, and Toad’s friend roll around on the lawn in the box. There’s nothing like a huge empty box to make a kid happy.
I’ve been feeling kind of…off…lately. Things just haven’t really felt right. Of course, the hormones COULD have something to do with it (I’m actually going to be participating in a study for PCOS…it requires a lot of paperwork and TONS of my blood…blech…but maybe it’ll help them find out if it is hereditary and will help Babygirl when she gets older) but something just hasn’t felt right. I’ve told Scott (IN CRAYON) for the past few weeks that I really need a bit of romance in my life.

On the drive down to Wal-Mart he looked at me and said:

“Why? Why do you need romance? Why is it so important to you?”

“Let me put it this way,” I replied as calmly as I could, “when a guy first starts dating a girl, he goes all out to try to win her. He is a bit romantic and sweet because he’s trying to woo a woman.”

“Or to get her into bed.”

“Exactly! Anyway, after a man has won the woman, and has put the ring on her finger, ect, he doesn’t have to try anymore to win her.”


“Well, I don’t know about other woman, but I know that *I* feel as though I’m not appreciated…or, rather, am taken for granted, when there is no romance. Ever. Like, as in EVER.”

“So you think that I don’t romance you because I can get sex whenever I want?”

“Well, how often do I say ‘no’?”

“…..good point.”

Do I think that this worked on him? Probably not. He asked me later if there was never any romance in our relationship from now until we die, would I want to end things. I said no. Now, however, I don’t know how I feel.

I wouldn’t END things because he wasn’t romantic, just like he wouldn’t end things because I’m not the worlds best housewife. I think my thing is that I want him to make an effort. He got all upset and was talking about a Valentine’s day a few years ago.

“But remember when I bought you, like, a dozen roses and a box of chocolates? You didn’t seem to really care about them!”

“I liked them! I did! But first of all, Valentines day sucks for me. Secondly, flowers are best sent when they’re not expected. Rule #1 on Flowers…”

“Who makes these rules!”

“Women do.”

“How do you learn them?”

“We know them when we’re born. Rule #1 when it comes to flowers is to send them when a woman is NOT expecting them. That is when they will make the most impact and will be appreciated the most. Or when you’re in the doghouse trying to say that you’re sorry.”

So, do you see me sending out the red signal flags that I’d like a bit of romance, please? I swear I don’t know what else to do. My SIL made a comment yesterday that I tend to “bow down” (which is BS) to Scott all the time. In reality, I don’t bow down to him, but I do tend to make him his favorite meals or to try to do little things to show him that I care for him and appreciate all he does. I realized during the conversation that I do those things because I want him to do little things back for me.

And doing the laundry, unfortunately, doesn’t count as romance.


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