Forbidden Wednesdays – Belated Edition

1 May

Sorry I didn’t get the Forbidden Wednesdays post up until today! I had a very odd day yesterday. Lets ignore that, however, and get on with the fun.


There was a letter to the editor in our local weekly paper the other day talking about the nude beach we have that is fairly near to here. Have I ever gone?


But everybody knows exactly where it is. The article was for nudity, basically telling people to lighten up a bit and enjoy their own body.

In our culture, the naked body has become taboo. It is perfectly fine to see a man bare chested, but a woman? Forget about it. But then, lets look at how far we’ve come. Many years ago in England, a woman seeing a man without his shirt on was grounds for a forced marriage, and a woman who even thought about showing her ankles was a harlot.

We’ve come a long way from living that extremely conservative existence, but we still have some barriers. I remember a few years ago when parents began rallying against images of naked baby girls and boys on commercials. They insisted that little girls be covered up with a bathing suit. Yeah, that makes sense, because all of us wear bathing suits when we’re cleaning ourselves.

Unfortunately a few really sick fucks have destroyed the word “innocence” with their twisted and disgusting ways, so we do have to be careful about what we show with children. But what about adults? Why can’t an adult walk around sans clothes?
I don’t have the answer to that, other than to guess that maybe it is societies way of keeping children safe (?), but what I can say is that it is perfectly acceptable to walk around naked in your own home.

Do I?

Again, no.

Its not because I am ashamed of the female form, but merely because I’m ashamed of my female form. I have no problem with men and women walking around naked, but you’d probably catch me with a sauri on in the same circumstances. It has nothing to do with being against it, and only with being against my big ass fat naked body. I look better with clothes…trust me.

How do you feel about nudity?


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