Forbidden Wednesday – 6th Edition

7 May

I now know that there are a few people who come to this site on Wednesdays and wind up covering the screen with their hand in order to bypass Forbidden Wednesdays – sorry!! But I guess that is part of the reason that I enjoy doing them so much. As Dee says, women need to be as proud of our sexuality as men are, and we need to be able to enjoy it without cringing. For instance, my best friend and I rarely talk about sex. I know, right? But she is very quiet about her sex life and other than a few private conversations about problems she’s had, I respect her unspoken wish to not get into depth about each others sex lives. Enough about this, however, and onto the Forbidden Wednesday topic of today!


There is something a little bit shocking, a little bit naughty, and a little bit titillating about the idea of being in a threesome. I will tell you right now that almost every person in this nation has, at one point in time or another, wondered what being in a threesome is like. And it’s not just men, here, ladies.

Many women I talk to have also said that they are intrigued and aroused by the idea of being in a threesome. They worry, however, that they will be jealous of their significant other, or that they will fall in love with the third person who enters into their intimacy.

First things first: man or woman? All men fantasize about having a second woman join into the fray, but do ladies want to try that as well? Actually, yes. Women are much more prone to being experimental when it comes to engaging in sexual intercourse with someone of the same species. Check around on some of the dating websites where couples hook up and you’ll find that a vast number of women check “bi-curious” as their sexual identity. Having another woman in bed with you can be fun in a vast number of ways, but it can also be tricky, especially if that third party is a single woman who is looking to find something more in your relationship. This is why it is extremely important to talk to your partner, and to any prospective thirds, before you engage in any kind of sexual activity.

Alright, so men get to have their harem full of women, but what do us ladies want? I don’t know about you, but the idea of a threesome with two men is arousing, and kind of scary, all at the same time. I mean, with two ladies everyone can pretty much pleasure each other, but with two straight men, you’re the only one who can take care of their needs. So while the idea of having two men kissing and licking you all over could be extremely hot, think things through first. Is your significant other going to freak out if two dicks touch accidentally during intercourse? How will he feel if the other guy’s hand accidentally brushes against his? These are things that you need to discuss if you are thinking about bringing another guy into bed with you.

So what is my opinion about threesomes? Personally, I think that they are fine for certain people. I’ve seen a threesome destroy a relationship, and I’ve seen it bring relationships closer. The key to making a threesome work, it seems, is communication. Are you okay if this happens? What about if that happens?

I also think that threesomes should only be tried by a couple who is absolutely secure in their relationship. It is when doubts start creeping into things that problems begin to occur. Will you be okay if you go ahead with the threesome? What about if you don’t? If your mate says that he will be upset if the threesome doesn’t happen, you might not want to do it. You have to be fine with either outcome before you should fall into bed with another person.

Threesomes aren’t the answer to saving a relationship, but it can be a fun and enjoyable way for three adults to spend some x-rated time together. Just remember kids: play safe!


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