Snippits In Pictures

9 May

I’ve got a few photos to show you this Friday! It’s not often that I get the time/ambish to go onto the desktop and download pics, but today, I did! Hooray! So here’s what’s been going on, photo style, in the insane household of Scott and Randi!

To start with, we got Super Mario Kart: Wii!

Focus Toad-san…

Daddy took some time to teach Babygirl how to drive

And later crashed as the two battled it out, head to head
Remember the great donut-making expidition we had in my kitchen/dining room a few weeks ago? Aunt T stopped by to lend a hand and she and Babygirl did much of the shaping of the donuts

And this is what it looks like when you’re sitting in the boring van on a boring Saturday when you have tons of boring errands to do…

One of my favorite new photos – Babygirl having some “pouting/bored” time at the park a week or so ago

Hooray! Toad isn’t the shortest one on the team! He fits right in! Now if he could only learn to actually catch the ball…

This is my other favorite photo. Babygirl is giving it her ALL at a different park. It has this little dump truck-thingy where you scoop up the sand. She’s doing her best! Don’t get a hernia!

Ever wonder what I see every night when the kiddos are in bed? I knew you did! I usually work in the dining room on the laptop, and when I look down, this is what I see…

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Tonight we’re off to see a wrestling event in our area….Toad and Scott are beyond psyched. Toad woke up at 5:30 because he’s so excited! Am I excited? Only to see what kind of shots I can get of men in spandex…that’s if Scott doesn’t break my camera before we get there! He’s heading up early to try to catch some of the wrestlers, while Babygirl, Toad and I head to a birthday party for one of Babygirl’s friends. Then, Saturday, Toad has his first baseball game. Can someone send me some Calgon? Or lots, and LOTS of alcohol…it’s gonna be a long weekend!


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