Wonderful and Weird Day

12 May

It has definitely been a wonderful yet weird day. My day began with french toast hearts in bed! Scott made french toast and Toad told him that he HAD to cut them into hearts for his mommy…awww! I got some great gifts from the kiddos and was definitely pampered a bit in the morning. Keep in mind – I’ve been trying to tell Scott for YEARS that all I want for Mother’s day is breakfast in bed and some pampering, and eight years later he’s FINALLY gotten it!

We relaxed for much of the day, playing Wii with Toad and Babygirl. We went to my mother’s and gave her her mother’s day present, and then went to Gram’s grave where, for the first time, I didn’t cry. A big accomplishment, I’m sure she’d say.

Right now it’s after 8 pm my time and guess where Scott is? Rubbing my back? Nope. Making me a snack? Nope. He’s outside snaking the drains because the toilet is plugged somewhere.

And in a few hours?

In a few hours we have to call a VERY famous wrestler’s ex-wife and to talk to her about the book she’s writing/selling.

Very wonderful, and very weird. That’s my life alright!


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