Forbidden Wednesday – Breast Edition Yet

14 May

I’ve had the week from heck, so this will be a fairly short Forbidden Wednesday post – but feel free to chime in and let me know about anything I’ve missed! And if you’d like to read a great post about fantasies by MistressM, click here. Today we’re going to talk about:


Why is it that we, as a culture, find breasts so shameful? I’ll be completely honest right now and say that I think that a woman’s breasts are (the majority of the time) a beautiful thing. I like the curve right on the outside of the breast – the part that shows really well when a woman has a tight shirt on.

Breasts aren’t just for men, ladies, breasts are for the enjoyment of everyone! Why can’t a woman enjoy looking at another woman’s breasts in the same way that she would enjoy looking at a mans chest or shoulders (or the upper arms – love the upper arms)?

Yet in today’s society breasts are shameful. We cover them up as much as possible and anyone who is seen making hers stand out a bit can quickly be labeled as a slut.

And does the size of breasts matter? My husband is a breast man, and will only say that a woman’s breasts look good if they are at least a C cup or larger. Sometimes he’s not even satisfied with a C cup! Yet with me, I feel as though it is the shape of the breasts that count. For example, I love the way my girls look in a nice bra, but I can’t stand what they look like when they’re not supported. If I could have any cosmetic surgery (other than lipo LOL), I’d have that keyhole procedure where they move your nipples up and make your girls look perky.

So lets hear it – who likes breast? What do you like about breasts? Do you feel as though you are being “sinful” when you admire a pretty pair of breasts on a woman?

Gratuitous picture as an apology for the short Forbidden Wednesday post LOL


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