Calm, Cool, and Collected

19 May

My migraine is gone – thank the good Lord, so I’m in a much better frame of mind today. Scott brought me some Chinese food last night after he took the kids out to the park…

who are you and where has my husband gone?

But seriously, I’m so much happier today. Yay! Did you know that the House finale is tonight? I’m stoked! I think I know what is going to happen, but we’ll see if I’m right.

I realized that I haven’t said much about the kiddos lately. They’re still here – promise! Toad had a baseball game on Saturday and did an excellent job! One kid got whacked really hard in the shoulder, but I think he was okay (they seem to put the bigger kids up front). Of course, after the game I read about how some places ban metal bats because they’re “more dangerous”. Is any sport safe?!

Babygirl is eagerly awaiting her visit to the zoo in two weeks with her preschool – and *I’M* eagerly waiting for the day that we can all finally sleep in again! I’m sure that I’ll be going a bit stir crazy when summer finally arrives and both the kiddos are here…, but I can’t wait to have a bit of a slower pace! Yay summer!

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