Forbidden Wednesday – Question Edition

21 May

Finn recently did one of her beautiful and hilarious discussions with God, and invited her many readers to ask a question of God that he answered. If you haven’t read it, please, go over and read it because it is hilarious and the answers are actually very wonderful.

I’ve got tons of photos to download and have been trying to get back in touch with my real life (ie – NOT WORK), so I haven’t been thinking about what I’d like to write here for Forbidden Wednesday on my personal blog. So I’m going to borrow a leaf from the wonderful Finn and leave it open to you to ask me any question you’d like. You can ask any sexual question that you would like to ask – NOTHING is taboo.

Oh good Lord, I didn’t just say that, did it?

YES – NOTHING it Taboo! Ask me anything you’d like and I promise to answer it truthfully, albeit with a bit of humor probably.

I’ll take questions until late Thursday evening and will answer them Friday morning, to give us all something funny to read over the weekend. Ask away!


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