23 May

Wow, do I feel like a loser – I had one question. One. Well, thanks to thanks to Ginormous Boobs, who asked:

I want to know what the most public sexual experience you have ever had.
The most public sexual experience that I’ve ever had was probably a toss up between the evening we did it in the back of his truck near the falls (a local place where you can see fish jump up stream…yes, it’s odd), or the numerous times that I have given him a BJ when we’re on the interstate.

And now I’m going to go sit in a corner and bawl, not just for the lack of curious questions (which shows that apparently I’m a loser, which I already knew), and because my son is having an odd meltdown requiring him to be taken out of school…again. He’s apparently “too upset” to be at school.


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