The Puppies

24 May

I was asked the other day how large the puppies have become in the past four months (they’re a bit over six months old now). The answer is definitely worth a thousand words –

The puppies are doing great, and we honestly have no idea how heavy they are, as we don’t have a regular scale in the house (why torture yourself, right?) They eat about six cups of food a day – EACH – and drink at least five times that amount in water. If you look at the picture taken this evening (on the left – Babygirl has the wiimote), Takaani is on your right and Kamik lying down on the left. Kamik is getting a bit of a gray coat, while Takaani has stayed completely black. Takaani is the talker and loves to make his opinion known, while Kamik is the one who thinks that he’s the leader.

I can’t believe how big they’re getting! Click to see it full – sized (and ignore the mess on my counter)


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