Our 6th Anniversary

26 May

Today is our sixth wedding Anniversary (or yesterday, depending on what time you are reading this – the date is May 25th). Our six years of wedded bliss have flown by quickly, and we both agree on one major detail – we don’t regret any of it. Not living with regret is one of the most important things in my life – I try to avoid having to regret anything, as it just seems to be a useless endavor to me. Live your life the “right” way (right is objective depending on who you are and your goals), and you should have no reason to regret.

We usually go away for the weekend and go camping in Mass, but due to rising oil prices, we chose to stick a bit closer to home this time. When the kids headed off with Grammy, we headed south. We bought some fireworks and checked out Iron Man at a theater that is unlike any I’d ever been to before. You sit down, order a meal, and relax in complete comfort while you watch your film. In simple terms? It.Rocked.

But enough about our anniversary – here are a few quick pics…

Toad as the Lion King in his school concert –

Waitin’ on first base at baseball

Rounding home! Yes!

Just a reminder for me of what a beautiful area I live in, and why a city will never do…


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