Forbidden Wednesday – Suspended Edition

28 May

The hubby’s home, the daughter’s home, and I’m trying to get my butt in gear to get some work done, so I’m going to suspend this week’s edition of Forbidden Wednesday…sort of. I AM going to answer a question that the lovely CinnKitty asked last week…

Describe for me, the beginnings, build up and completion of your and hubby’s orgasm. I mean.. how does it start? Where does it start? How does it feel? How does it end? Are you vocal, is he vocal? etc…

Good question!

Scott’s orgasms are fairly quick and usually are about the same. There are some times when he’s quieter than others, but the majority of the time I know exactly when he’s going to orgasm. He starts off an orgasm by moving faster – he also seems to get harder. He gets this frenzied look in his eye, like he can’t hold back what he feels, and usually my legs end up flying into positions that Barbie couldn’t handle.

A few quick and extremely deep (and generally painful) thrusts and I either hear, “I’m gonna cum”, or “AARRRGGGHHHHH” – depending on the day. We usually then both collapse wherever we may happen to be (which is why we tend to stay in the bedroom – wouldn’t do for two wandering children to find us) and it takes a bit to move around again.

Am I vocal? Depends on him 🙂


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