A Trip to the Zoo

3 Jun

Babygirl’s last day of preschool was last Thursday. Why, then, are we meeting with her preschool group tomorrow and heading to the zoo? Because the school system is totally messed up, that’s why.

Tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 8:30 (yes, it is an ungodly hour when you rarely get dressed before that hour) we have to be 20 minutes away to meet the group. Then we’ll hop on a bus, travel an hour and a half away, and go and see some zoo animals. The group will split up, we’ll have our lunch at some point, and a few hours after we got there, we hop back onto the bus and head back home. And what animal is Babygirl most looking forward to seeing? The Zebra? The Elephant?


The bus.

She is absolutely stoked to go ride on a bus for an hour and a half and can’t wait to sit there and enjoy the trip. I give it ten minutes before she’s bored to tears.

Here’s what I don’t get, though – if I, as a parent, were to drive around without my child restrained in her carseat, I would get a ticket and would likely have to attend parenting classes. Its okay, however, to bring your child on a bus without a carseat? What’s up with that?! Like its MORE safe when the bus crashes than it is when a car crashes?!?!?! I just don’t get it.

I thought about driving our van up instead (you were allowed to do that) and taking Toad, but Toad has gone on a number of field trips without Babygirl, and Babygirl is just so stoked about going on the bus that I couldn’t see a good reason to deny her. *sigh* I guess I’ll sit my fat ass on a lump bus seat and hope that the bus driver doesn’t crash!!


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