The Most Depressed Gorilla Ever – Alternate Title: Our Day at the Zoo

5 Jun

So yesterday Babygirl’s preschool class headed to our local zoo – and by local I mean about an hour and a half away. We rode on the bus (which Babygirl finds one of the most enjoyable parts…yeah…she’s entertained by small things just like her mother is). Anyway, I said yesterday how I felt a bit sad for some of the animals. I’ll show you why – to start with, here’s Babygirl hanging out on one of the ride-on bronze statues.

I didn’t feel bad for this Rhino – he was chillin’ out with his bro and scratchin his back.

This elephant was eating some of the grass and had a few toys in his area (along with another elephant), and he looked as though he had no problem being in the zoo.

There was a peacock wandering around the zoo. The kids got fairly close to him and he gave us a display of his beautiful plumage.

The meercats were inside their nighttime enclosure because it was too cold for them. They had plenty of stuff to play with and looked to be having a grand old time. I wasn’t sad for them at all.

This leopard (cheetah? Still not sure) was beautiful. I got a large picture of this as another desktop (my mission for the day was to get as many pretty desktops as I could).

Then, then there was this guy. He was the saddest person (primate?) I’ve ever seen. He sat behind 6 inches of plexiglass, literally only two or three feet away from us.

I have about twenty photos of him looking just this depressed. Occasionally he’d bend over and grab something off of the floor with his lips and then sit back up.

I was fine with most of the animals being there, but ones like this gorilla (and there was a bear who was pacing back and forth too) made me feel very sad for them.

In other news, I’m thinking about taking a hiatus from my blog. There are two reasons. The first is because I have been really really busy, and with summer coming I know that I’ll be eve busier trying to balance the kiddos being home all day and their activities with my work. The “real” reason, though, is probably due to my pride. I have met some absolutely wonderful people through my blog, and I love visiting their sites and leaving comments for them, and they’ve been absolutely divine to me (you guys know who you are). I never thought I’d say this, but its really hard reading these sites and seeing how many comments these people get and knowing that I’ve got nothing. It just makes me feel like a massive loser – take, for instance, the question I put up the other week, telling anyone who was reading that they could ask me any question they wanted. I had two questions. Two. And while I was immensely grateful for those questions, its hard to keep doing this when it makes me feel worse about things, not better.


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