Atmospheric Headache?

8 Jun
Has anyone ever heard of getting an atmospheric headache? For some reason, the last few mornings I’ve gotten up, I’ve had a headache that makes my entire head feel as though it is in a vise. Yesterday some Ibuprophen fixed it, but today? Today, not so much…of course, the fact that we were up at the ungodly hour of FIVE AM to go fishing on Kid’s fishing day (they stock a pond especially for the children and allow you to get 3 fish each) could have something to do with it.

Babygirl got a HUGE trout, and then a little baby one – I think she liked the little baby one the best. Toad got his three fish but none of them were larger than Babygirl’s, which ticked him off to no end. The guy checking out the lengths told us that he didn’t think any other girl would get a fish bigger than Babygirl’s trout (it was 11 1/2 inches long), and that she would probably win a trophy for the biggest fish caught by a girl. We’re now waiting to see if he calls…we haven’t told her yet, because we don’t want to get her hopes up.

In other news – FIREFOX ROX. And that’s all I have to say about that.


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