Running Water? Who Needs Running Water!

11 Jun

So yesterday we get a warning over the air that the weather is ripe for tornadoes.

Wait a tic – tornadoes in VERMONT? Yeeaahhh – not quite.

The weather was beautiful, if a bit hot and humid, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Until 3 o’clock. At 3 o’clock the sun started to hide behind clouds, and by 3:30, all hell broke loose. The winds raged, the rain pounded on the ground, and the power died.

No, seriously, it died.

Yesterday was Toad’s last day of school, and we’d promised he and Babygirl a trip to McDonalds and had told them that they could rent a Wii game. We got home and guess what?

Still no power.

In an hour I’ll have gone 24 hours without electricity, and I’ve learned that I miss one thing a whole lot – RUNNING WATER.

So I’m parked at my mother’s house for awhile until pigs fly – or my electricity comes back. Whenever comes first.


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