Running Water? Yes Please!

12 Jun
The power finally came back on yesterday around 4 pm. We had just enough time to pack up, head home, unpack, have supper, and run to Toad’s final baseball practice – where we got drenched by another storm! Fortunately this one didn’t knock out the power.

So I’m considering today the first true day of vacation. Toad and Babygirl have requested a PJ day, and I heartily agree! We’re lounging around in our PJ’s and so far the kids have been extremely productive. They’ve eaten breakfast (dry cereal – their request), they’ve played with some toys that they brought home from Grammy’s last night, they’ve played their games on the Wii, and now they’re playing with the marble mania thingy they brought home last night (again from Grammy’s – she has a lovely neighbor that just has to give us her grandson’s old toys – and while in one breath I curse her, the other breath blesses her for giving the kids something new to play with). We’re going to have lunch and then play some more!

Yeah, I suppose I’ll do work in there somewhere :).

On the relationship front, Scott and I had it out again last night. Fortunately this time we did so in a calm and fairly rational manner, talking to each other and really letting the other one know how we feel. The only thing that Scott said that truly annoyed me was that he felt I should get back on my birth control in order to regulate the hormones better. I informed him that I know when my hormones are totally out of whack, and that they aren’t right now – that he couldn’t use that as an excuse. Once he tried to believe me (I still don’t think he fully does), we were able to discuss things.

I think we’re okay, although it did bother me when I suggested that we go to counseling that he whole-heartedly refused. There is still some part of him, I think, that doesn’t believe that anything is wrong.

“It’s not like I’m out there cheating or something.” he exclaimed.

“I almost wish you were!”

“What do you mean by that?!”

“Because if you were cheating, that would be something I could point a finger at and say ‘that’s what went wrong in our relationship’. Now, however, it’s like its falling apart and I don’t know why.”

So we have agreed that:

  • He needs to work on not having that “brick wall” mentality where he refuses to listen to anything that I say.
  • I need to work on not yelling around the house.
  • He needs to realize that I get to the yelling point because no one listens to me the first time I say something.
  • I need to realize that I can’t expect everyone to always hear me the first time.
  • I need to try to be a bit better on cleaning up stuff (I HAVE been slacking off lately).
  • He needs to not try to pick everything up that I’ve missed the second he comes home.
  • We both need to make sure we truly understand what the other is saying before we jump to conclusions.
  • He needs to stop interrupting or walking off when we have a discussion.

I do think that good couples argue, but our arguments were occurring over the stupidest of things and seemed to be occurring more frequently. Last night I felt as though we reached a turning point, and I feel better about the way things are. We cuddled on the couch afterwards and almost fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Do I think our relationship is strong? Of course I do…but I think that everyone gets to a time when they have things they need to work out. The plain and simple fact is that we both love each other, and our children, and want to work to stay as in love as we were when we first met.


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