Keepin’ it Short

13 Jun
I have tons of work to do, which is good, but I’m trying to rush through it because we have the busiest weekend I’ve had in…well…a LOOONNNG time. Lemme break it down for ya –

  1. Go grocery shopping when Scott gets home this afternoon.
  2. Go out to dinner thanks to our neighbors who feel as though they “owe” us for watching their house during the winter (this still makes me feel uncomfortable and guilty – they don’t owe us anything, we were just being good neighbors).
  3. Go to Toad’s last baseball game on Saturday morning.
  4. Surprise the kids with a movie matinee of Kung Fu Panda in the afternoon.
  5. Go to my half-brother’s graduation party (I’ve still got butterflies over this one – it’s at the sperm donor’s house and we all know how well I react with him).
  6. Get all the daddy-day stuff put together.
  7. Wake daddy up on Daddy-day with his presents.
  8. Go 45 min. away to get sandals for the kiddos and shorts for me.
  9. Hit the bread store while we’re at it (discount bread that’s almost ready to go bad – freeze it and it’s fine).
  10. Take daddy out to his favorite restaurant for lunch on Father’s day.

Oh, crap, I just remembered about the rhubarb sitting in my fridge. Scott’s favorite dessert is strawberry rhubarb pie, so I was going to look up a recipe and try my hand at making it.


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