My Son, the Pirate

17 Jun
I would have a picture, except for the fact that I’m scrambling even to write this post, but know that Toad now has a patch over his eye.

We wound up going to the doctors after he complained about the pain in his eye again this afternoon. This doc is NOT our normal doc (she’s on a well-deserved vacation), and even though I’m not too fond of the doc we had to see, it was better than NOT seeing anyone.

Anyway, this doc checked his vision, put drops in his eye to numb it, put a dye on his eye, and used the funky light to see if there were any scratches.

Babygirl called him alien eye for the rest of the day.

He did see a scratch, but nothing else, thankfully, so he administered some antibiotic ointment into the eye and put a patch over it, which Toad thought was really cool…and I’m sure he’ll keep thinking that until I have to yank it off tomorrow afternoon.

LESSON: a light little whiffle ball is definitely not as safe as I thought it was. Let’s go let off fireworks instead.


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